Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Lunch/Dinner Menu

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Cup Pork Green Chili


cotija,  & scallions

House Salad


spinach, cherry tomatoes, red onion, croutons, lemon oil | add grilled chicken +$8 add Shrimp +$10

Cornmeal Fried Pickles


remoulade, lemon, dill

Fried Brussel Sprouts


tossed with lemon wheel, topped with pecorino

Bavarian Pretzel


herb butter, salted with a side of honey mustard | add a side of jalapeno queso blanco +$4

Grilled Shishitos


togarashi, green goddess, lemon

Edamame Hummus


crudite, grilled naan, sesame

Colorado Fries


topped with jalapeno queso blanco, bacon bits, scallion, lime crema

Beet Salad


arugula, pepitas, goat cheese, golden and red beets, honey dijon vinaigrette add chicken +8 add shrimp +10



Chef’s choice of cured meat, tomato jam, grilled filone bread, basil, sprinkled with salt & pepper, drizzled with evoo. ***Price can be subject to change, as menu price reflects market cost

The Main Event

Chicken Tacos


cilantro lime marinated chicken,  ranchero sauce, creamy savoy slaw,  salted tortilla strips, lime

Pork Green Chilli Mac


ratatori, pork green chili, jalapeno queso blanco sauce, lime crema, cotija & a cilantro

Fall Farro


farro, spinach, avocado, roasted brussell sprouts, broccolini, caulilini, butternut squash, everything spice & lemon oil | Add Chicken +$8 Add Shrimp +$10



double patty, american, pickles, l.t.o, special sauce, chips & greens  | add egg* +$2 | add avocado + $3 | add bacon +$4 | impossible patty +$4

Chicken Sandwich


buttermilk brine, rooster slaw, honey drizzle, pickles, served with chips

Colorado Cheese Steak


hoagie roll with sirloin, jalapeno queso blanco, onions, served with chips

Shrimp Tacos


cilantro lime marinated shrimp,  creamy savoy slaw, salted tortilla strips, lime


Mixed Nuts


Truffle Popcorn


Spicy Bar Snack Mix


Show Stopper

Mini Beignets


Coated with cinnamon sugar, served with apple compote & salted caramel. (5 per order)

Bark Bowl

(Bone-Broth Base)


A holistic Non-GMO, grain-free recipe for dogs of any age flavor: chicken & sweet potato.  Treat your dog to a tasty meal while you do the same! Family made in Boulder.

Brunch Served Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 2:30 pm
Brunch Served Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 2:30 pm